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gunsmith schools

The Gunsmith Schools I Recommend

  Here is a side by side review of all of the available gunsmith schools, yet I still have had many requests for a more streamlined article with the options that I specifically recommend.   So here are the best gunsmith schools in my own opinion.    Based exclusively on the quality of education received and the expense giving the best return on investment and ultimately the best base to become a professional gunsmith. There are many things to think about when looking into gunsmith Read more […]

gunsmith screw and bolt kits

Pachmayr Gunsmith Screw and Bolt Kit Review

One thing that will keep you very busy as a gunsmith is the replacement of a missing screws or bolts.  If you are doing any significant work with firearms you do want a quality screw driver set, you can check  my recommendation for a great gunsmith screw driver set, this go around we deal with the business end of the screwdriver. While you will often need to make a screw or bolt with your mill and lathe, it is much more cost effective to have a good stock of gunsmith screws and bolts on hand. Read more […]

ar15 tools

AR-15 Tools The Best AR-15 Professional Gunsmith Tools

Whether you are an AR-15 Gunsmith or are just looking for essential AR-15 tools, this article will help you be prepared for everything that you need to stock your bench with.    The AR is designed to be field stripped and modular for simple repairs however there are a few tools that will help with whatever task you need to complete.  If you are looking for a kit that ties everything you need together you can check out the top selling  AR-15 Armorer’s Professional Kit AR-15 Armorer’s Wrench Read more […]

gunsmoke gunsmithing

A Review of Gunsmoke Gunsmithing a legit Colorado Gunsmith Option?

So you live in Colorado, and have a need for gunsmith.   You see some characters from Gunsmoke Gunsmithing and wonder if they are actual gunsmiths.   Of course the stars of American Guns, Gunsmoke Gunsmithing out of Wheat Ridge Colorado is a full service gunsmithing shop but their focus is on high end custom work.  As seen TV they offer a full scope services and can create custom works for whatever your heart desires.   Luckily the fame hasn’t gone to their heads and they offer some of the Read more […]

savage gunsmithing

Savage Gunsmithing – Idaho full service Gunsmith

Based in Driggs Idaho Savage Gunsmithing is the home of gunsmith Scott Null and also known as S&S sporting.   Savage is a full service gunsmith and as the name suggests they also specialize in Savage firearms.  They want to emphasize that they are full service and you can get a great idea about their prices and services by looking at the services they offer for Savage Firearms price list.  On of the cool thins they offer is a whole package of improvements for your Savage firearms.  Savage Read more […]

jrs gunsmithing

JRs Gunsmithing – New Hampshire Gunsmith

JR’S Gunsmithing of Londonderry New Hampshire is a full service shop with some of the lowest rates in the Country.  Starting at a Shop Rate of $40.00 per hour with minimum charges starting at $20.00.  Machine work increases the per hour cost but a detailed pricing list is available so you can have an idea of prices. A sample pricing list as of November 2014 for JRs Gunsmithing Prices don’t include parts! Service Charges Per Man Hour………………………………………………………………………$40.00 Per Read more […]

diamond gunsmithing

Diamond Gunsmithing – Ithaca NY Gunsmith

Diamond Gunsmithing  of Ithaca NY specializes in repair, restoration and customization of vintage Ithaca Firearms. With 28 years experience with Ithaca’s head gunsmith Diamond Gunsmithing has a great resource section on their website for vintage ithaca firearms.  From hot and cold bluing to stock and forearm replacement these folks can take care of your vintage gun with a minimum shop rate of $45.00 for most repairs with a free quote available by multiple methods with a 30 day warranty on all repairs. A Read more […]

J&G gunsmithing

J & G Gunsmithing – Granite Bay Gunsmith – J and G gunsmiths

J & G Gunsmithing is a full service Gunsmith shop near Sacramento CA.   Founded in 1975 with onsite services available you can get all of your firearm repairs and upgrades taken care of.   Including fishiness, accurizing and basic services like drill and tap for scopes, the full price list is found on their website.  With great online reviews seeing exclusively 4+ stars across the board these guys are highly recommended. Gunsmithing Services Provided Authorized Remington Warranty Repair Read more […]

score high gunsmithing

Score High Gunsmithing Review – Score Hi Gunsmith New Mexico

Guaranteed Accuracy is what Score High Gunsmithing found at is based in New Mexico offers.   Their  primary focus on improving and creating accurate rifles.   Their site details the different levels of accuracy that you can get by level.  Taking things easy with level 1 which includes proper bedding which can also be done to composite stocks through aluminum bedding.   Taking your target or tactical rifles to the next level will take your rifle through some very detailed blue printing Read more […]

scotts gunsmithing

Scott’s Gunmsithing – Glen Burnie Maryland Gunsmith

Scott’s Gunsmithing in Glen Burni MD, was founded in 1996 by Scott Scharf who is a Colorado School of Trades Graduate.  Spending the last nearly 20 years perfecting his craft Scott’s Gunsmithing provides a variety of services from repair to full custom work.    Their website includes a lot of detailed information about the services they provide and have a great price breakdown.  Their normal shop rate is $75.00 per hour and minimum charges start at $9.00-$30.00 for shop/tooling costs.   These Read more […]